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When you cooperate with Ningbo New Jinfeng Company, we aim to be your number one supplier of ribbons. We strive to offer our customers fast delivery, good service, the best prices and lots of innovative inspiration.

Our ambitions
Ningbo Jinfeng Ribbon Company Company was founded in China in 1995, and today we have 150 dedicated employees . Our ambitions have grown at the same rate, although our basic attitude is the same: Ningbo New Jinfeng Company must be the best in its field, both in terms of working environment and in the way we operate and develop the business.

Raw Materials & Machinery equipment
Raw materials (yarns) meet European environmental standards & Germany BARMAG standards .
At present , we own up to 500 machines in total for weaving ,packaging , dyeing and ribbon rolling machine .

Products and ideas

Creativity is our passion. We want to encourage and support creativity and thereby develop creative, innovative and imaginative people. We develop both basic and innovative products, designs and ideas, and through a network of worldwide suppliers and partners, we make sure to find products that meet our customers’ requirements.

Our honors
Since our start in 1995, we have received several accolades and awards for our safety production and quality guarantee. In 2011 we were awarded the grand title of“Ningbo famous brand products”. In 2007 we won the special prize in China“Advanced collective of technological transformation”,In 2008 , we were honored with " Standardized enterprise" for safetay production .

Join us
Please believe us , we will serve you with our good quality , good price , sincerety and passion .

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